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Will, 104, and Lois, 101, Clark
At age 100, four years ago, Dr. Will Clark of Arizona not only bought a new van but drove it, accompanied by Lois, to Illinois to visit their daughter!  Will and Lois Clark are one of the very few centenarian couples in America, with Lois having reached the century mark in 2007.  The van is necessary because Lois uses a wheelchair.  The couple lives independently and Will gets his wife into and out of the van, the wheelchair into and out of the van, and pushes her wherever they need or want to go, which includes more road trips. 
        In the last four years, the Clarks have been to San Louis Obispo twice, “driving through Los Angeles traffic”
he notes, and obviously driving on the freeways.

            In June they traveled to New Mexico to visit family, accompanied by their son and his wife.  “Dad and I shared the driving,” son Denny said.  Can you imagine having your 104-year-old father help you with the driving?
            Married for 75 years, Will credits Lois for the happiness in his life.              
            “Meeting her is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he tells. 
            Will was born in South Dakota and raised in Iowa. He graduated from dental school at the beginning of the Great Depression, but was able to maintain a private practice for 20 years.  During World War II he served in the South Pacific for three years, leaving Lois to raise their three young children. He then stayed in the military where he practiced dentistry for another 20 years before retiring.  And an active retirement it has been. 

            Will says he loves to travel and he and Lois have visited every U.S. state and several foreign countries.  He believes in staying both physically and mentally active, and enjoys reading, daily walks and playing golf. He also enjoys riding horses when he has the opportunity.  


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